Barton Taylor © 2018

Barton Taylor © 2018

‘Blak Box - Humechochorus’

Urban Theatre Projects (2018)

Blak Box is an immersive listening experience curated by Daniel Browning and produced by Urban Theatre Projects. Collaborating with musician Rhyan Clapham (DOBBY), our music featured in inaugural exhibition of Blak Box at Barangaroo Reserve in June 2018 - HumEchoChorus. Together we composed & performed a triptych of improvisation-based pieces for guitar & drum duo. HumEchoChorus is described by Urban Theatre Projects as:

a vantage point for a wider exploration of the First People’s relationship with their waters through that most compelling and fleeting artefact of human consciousness – sound. Together the works offered a sound stream of consciousness blending stories of the past (echo), the present (hum) and an imagined future (chorus).

More information on Blak Box or Urban Theatre Projects can be found here.

Genevieve French Photography © 2018

Genevieve French Photography © 2018

‘Word Games’

Jennifer Brady (2018)

A collaboration between myself and visual/performance artist Jennifer Brady, this project is an augmentation of Brady’s 2017 work of the same title. ‘Word Games’ is described by Brady in the following way. Working with Brady, we have performed this work with Bedrock Collective, Women In Music Empowerment Day 2018, and Sydney Fringe Festival.

”Word Games is an evolving body of work, examining states of consciousness and internal thought processes. The work has two components: a mixed media drawing installation, and an improvised audio performance. Together, the two act as a representation of thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories and feelings that are difficult to, and rarely, expressed “ - Brady, J. (2017)

For more information on Jennifer Brady’s work, click here .


‘Narrative Generator for Living Machine’

Ryan Martin (2017)

Narrative Generator for Living Machine is a rule-based work for ensemble comprising of Narrator, Instrumentalists, and SFX engineers. Responding to cues and input from the audience, the ensemble ‘generates’ a narrative piece where each member of the ensemble interact to shape a story.

For details of upcoming performances and more of Martin’s work, click here.