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Michael J Brady

Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Bachelor of Education

Michael J Brady is a Sydney-based musician with a foot in several scenes, manoeuvring through jazz, art, and indie circles, with a passion for creating music honestly and in the moment.

In 2017, he completed both a Bachelor of Music (honours) and Bachelor of Education at the University of New South Wales, presenting his research at the inaugural Australasian Jazz and Improvisation Research Network conference. With academia nurturing his interest in deconstructing and exploring practice, Michael has worked in a number of interdisciplinary collaborations. These works have been exhibited at Barangaroo, Bedrock Collective, the Sydney Fringe Festival, and the This Is Not Art Festival.

Michael’s music making draws upon a wide range of musical experiences. He leads his own jazz guitar trio Brady//Donkin//Phipps, where he explores shifting textures of the improvised trio format. He is also a longstanding member of the Northern Beaches-based New Young Northside Big Band, & Geoff Power’s Great Gatsby Orchestra, having played many of New South Wales’ top jazz festivals with each.

He is a founding member and horn arranger of Sydney indie-rock outfit Jackie Brown Jr, having completed three successful east coast tours with them, and a successful EP launch in 2018. Beyond JBJ, he has worked with a number of Sydney’s fastest rising indie & D.I.Y artists including: Harley Mavis, Good Pash, Olgar Solar, & Claire Yve (the Astrals).

Following a year of tours & teaching, Michael is using 2019 to continue developing his teaching studio, and dedicating energy into new works with both Brady//Donkin//Phipps and Jackie Brown Jr. In addition to developing his own work, he is excitedly looking for more collaborations, sessions, and whatever might come his way.